Railcar Management System Overview & Features

Railcar Tracking Company, founded in 1997, provides a full-featured, and easy to use rail shipment tracking and fleet management solution – Railcar Management System (RMS) ™.

What is Railcar Management System (RMS)?

RMS is a web-based, multi-user rail shipment tracking and fleet management system designed to simplify administrative activities, reduce demurrage fees, and maximize railcar fleet utilization while being cost-effective, integrate able, customizable, and easy to use.

Who Can Benefit From RMS?

Traffic Managers, Logisticians, Plant Managers, and Sales People – Anyone who ships, receives, or tracks products or materials on the railroad. It doesn’t matter if you own, lease or use railroad-owned or supplier railcars, RMS will work for you.

Customization and Integration

With every purchase, time and energy is allocated for customizing RMS to meet your exact needs whether those are a new set of reports, integration with your existing business systems, or something else. We don’t want to provide you only software; we want to provide you a solution.

Zero Administration

RMS is web-based. No Information Technology (IT) personnel are needed to get started or stay going. No sophisticated hardware or software is required. What this means is that you can get started now and use RMS in your department with no support required from your IT department.

Railcar Management System Features

The Features of RMS

  • Enhanced ETAs for Inbound/Outbound Rail Shipments
  • Identify Non-Movement, Bad Orders, Demurrage, and Out of Route Railcars
  • Railcar Utilization Analysis
  • Complete Trip Cycle Analysis
  • Demurrage and Detention Management
  • Lease, Sublease, Transportation Contract Tracking
  • Ability to filter, sort and group reports according to specific needs
  • Publish Reports to PDF, XLS, RTF, CSV, or HTML
  • Scheduled Automatic Report Delivery
  • No IT Department Assistance Required
  • Multi-User

The Benefits of RMS

  • Improve Inventory Management
  • Increase Velocity
  • Minimize Railroad Demurrage Charges
  • Minimize Railcar Detention
  • Maximize Utilization of Railcar Assets
  • Reduce Administrative Expenses by Eliminating Time Consuming Manual Tasks
  • Manage by Data
  • Manage by Exception – Stop Wasting Time Wading Through Excess Information on Reports
  • Increase the Visibility of the Supply Chain
  • Reduce IT Workload

Railcar Management System

Railcar Management System (RMS) provides many features in one system, one price.

Railcar Fleet Management

Reduce Demurrage Bills


Expanded Reporting Features

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